5 Things You Need to Do to Successfully Work From Home

April 3, 2020

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So, you have finally started work from home amidst the COVID-19 situation. But how do you become productive doing the same things from home that you were once doing in office? The good part about all this is that; there is no commute involved anymore; there is no interaction with anyone except for virtual meetings, the office coffee far away from your grasp. You can wear whatever you wish to while at home and still get your work done. The only minute hiccup with all this is getting the job done and that too in a successful manner. In this post, we will look at the 5 essential things that you need to do to work from home successfully:


1. Set up a dedicated workspace:

Now that you know that you have to work from home amidst the entire COVID-19 situation, how about setting up a dedicated space for working. In an office setting, we all have a desk and a space to work. You can get to creating the same kind of environment in your home as well. Make sure your workspace is not your bed or your bedroom. If that has to be the case, then ensure that you keep some furniture that you can use comfortably to work. If you need to invest in some furniture, many websites are selling office furniture for discounts. Go for something functional and comfortable that makes it easier for you to work.

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2. Get a routine:

You must give yourself a method. This means setting up a schedule daily of the hours you will work and the breaks you want to take. Ensure that you structure your day the same way you would do in your office. Log in for office at your shift hour and not anytime after that. Take the time to get ready for work the same way you would have done if you were heading for the office. For this purpose, you can use different tools to your advantage, including personal events and reminders and calendars.


3. Avoid social media:

It is so effortless to pick up our phones and directly get into the first thing that comes to insight. It could be in the form of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, and once you are in, it’sits safely to say that you are going to be spending at least 10-15 minutes at a stretch. You can, however, limit the usage of social media apps and ensure that you are productive at work during shift hours. If you are someone who is a persistent checker of the phone to check updates, try removing all your browser shortcuts and, if possible, log out of your accounts while at work. This way, you curb your urge to check your social media accounts. Unlike all the times when you could get your printouts from your office printer, working from home doesn’t provide the same comfort? How about investing in one. Supplies Outlet now is offering 10% off on Printers, Inks, and Toners.


4. Find your high productivity period:

All of us are productive at different times of the day. Why not use the same to your advantage and be active and productive at work? It’sIt’s a known fact that one can’t just sprint through their work at superhuman speeds throughout the day. Now that you are working from home, this becomes a little more challenging than before. To maximize your productivity at work, know when you are the most active. This could be mornings, afternoons, or evenings. So if you know that you work best in the afternoons, set and save all your more difficult tasks for around that time. Do you have all the stationery in stock that you would need to survive work from home? If you haven’t had the time to stock yet, how about heading to Fine Stationery.com and getting up to 20% off on all stationery?


5. Eat a healthy meal:

Nutrition is something that many of us still take lightly. Now that you are home, this is your chance to do good by yourself and indulge in healthy habits. While it’s easy to get tempted seeing all the sugary and salty treats available in the pantry. At home, you call the shots and ensure the things that go into your system. How about skipping the usual snacks in favor of some healthy food like fruits, vegetables, etc. You will also be able to control your impulses this way.



So, there we have a list of the five basic things that one would require to work successfully from home. Stay safe and work smart and fast out there.