Benefits & Risks of Cosmetic Surgery

September 25, 2015

Are you considering cosmetic surgery? Altering your appearance is never an easy choice; millions of people opt for these procedures everyday and still more are considering it. A successful plastic surgery will increase your self esteem and you’ll feel newfound confidence. If you are interested in such a transformation, you need to have your prep done right. Ask yourself why this surgery is so important for you and what will you gain from this procedure.

Going under the knife is a tough decision and there’s no saying what the outcome will be. Whatever you do, remember that the change must be for yourself, if you are out to please someone else then you might be disappointed. Check out the following things to consider before you go through with Cosmetic Surgery.

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Things to Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

1. Research A Lot
The results of the surgery are permanent and you’d want only the best surgeon to help you with this. So start exploring on the internet. You’ll be bound to find the best surgeon within your desired budget.

2. Surgeon’s Certifications & Referrals
Get references from your chosen surgeon, ideally your doctor would be the best person. Once you decide to go with a surgeon, make sure that they hold certifications that are approved by ASOPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons). Confirming this would mean that the surgeon is credible and you’ll have peace of mind over the level of services they will provide. But beware, certain certifications can be attained easily and are not certified by the Society. Do the research to find whether your surgeon’s certifications comply with the Society or not. A certified plastic surgeon must take 50 hours of training per year to operate in the market. It’s important that your surgeon updates his knowledge and skills frequently. Also, look into the surgeon’s educational background, the institutes they have attended, any special training they have acquired and in what area.

3. Surgeon’s Years of Experience
You don’t want a newbie working on your body, the results could be disastrous. Nowadays almost any type of doctors can be approved to carry on the procedures but that’s not what you are looking for. Select a surgeon who preferably has experience of doing the exact procedure you want and that too for more than 10 years. The specialist should know what they are doing; don’t go for someone who is still in the initial stages of learning the art.

4. Be Aware of The Risks
It’s not something that could be easily reversed just because you didn’t like the results. Its permanent and you’ll have to live with it unless you go for another surgery. So you better be prepared and understand that there are risks involved. Plastic surgeries might go that way so it’s always a better option to have a back-up surgeon on hand.

5. Location
Knowing the location of the procedure will not only put you at ease but will also help you research about the place. Once you familiarize yourself with the place, the stress levels are surely going to go down.

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Inappropriate Candidates for Cosmetic Surgery

1. Patients in Crisis
If you are currently going through a divorce or coping with the death of a loved one or your job, then you might want to reconsider the decision of going for cosmetic surgery. The feelings of sorrow and loss may be forcing you to do something, but changing your appearance will not get you the desired results. First work out the crisis and then you can go through with the decision of plastic surgery.

2. Patients with Unrealistic Expectations
Plastic surgery can help you in achieving the appearance that you want but believe it that there’s no magic involved. You can easily get a nose like Nicole Kidman but if you expect the celebrity lifestyle to follow with it then you are not the appropriate candidate for surgery. Accident wounds can be treated but there’s no telling about the extent the surgery will be able to help with. The flawlessness of your body can’t entirely be achieved through reconstructive plastic surgery, because it’s no miracle worker.

3. Patients with Mental Illness
If the reason behind patient’s decision to have cosmetic surgery is because of any mental illness then it’s advisable that the surgery be called off. The surgeon must exercise extra care when dealing with people who have delusions and paranoid behavior. It’s recommended that the patient’s psychiatrist must be consulted before the procedure.

The internet is full of cases of plastic surgeries gone wrong. We don’t mean to scare you but would just like to highlight the pros and cons of the treatment.

Pros & Cons of Cosmetic Surgery


  • You get a more improved and maintained look
  • The level of confidence boosts high.


  • The procedures are very costly and are not covered by the insurance companies.
  • The results might not be up to the expectations of the patient.

Keep these in mind whenever you fell like getting a surgery. Most importantly, remember that the reasons behind the surgery must be your own motivation. If you want to improve a physical characteristic just so you can boost your self esteem, then according to the ASPS, you are a good candidate for the surgery.

Many celebrities have gone under the knife to increase their good looks. Lindsay Lohan had surgery on her lips and successfully managed to get fuller lips. Lil Kim had entirely altered her face with a nose job, cheek implants and lip injections. The most drastic change is Megan Fox who is rumored to have been taking Botox treatments. But if you want to know what a number of bad surgeries can do to you, check out Donatella Versace’s before and after pics. You’ll be surprised.