Exotic Locations To Get Hitched

June 21, 2016

Every human being in his life will come to the point where they will tie the knot. Every person will stand at the altar and will say yes to the sweetest prison that will ever exist – marriage. We all have high expectations for the wedding day. How will the bride or the groom look at their special day, will there be some special theme, who will they invite, but most importantly, where will the ceremony take place. The destination is a crucial thing when it comes to the weddings. It’s a special day for the happy couple and everyone else, and the last thing you want is coming up with any repercussions in the ceremony. That’s why you need to choose the perfect destination with world class wedding planners, who will organize everything for you. Here are some suggestions where the ceremony of the most important day of your life can be arranged:

Tuscany, Italy:
If you want to enjoy in breathtaking nature, extraordinary food and world class wine, then Tuscany is the place where you would like to get married. There are so many places like hotels and restaurants where you can organize your marriage ceremony. If you want, you can hire a professional and let them do the job for you. Wedding themes at Tuscany are strongly connected with nature. Most of the brides/grooms choose to wear olive branches instead of a crown and white wedding dress for the bride and any light color suit for the groom. The prices can vary and they depend on what kind of a celebration you would like. From 500 to 1500 euros for a small wedding and 5000 to 10000 for big and exclusive ceremonies.

Tuscany - Italy

Paris, France:
It may sound like a cliché to have your holy union in the capital of France, but Paris is the city of love. There is no place like Paris, you can find anything you need for your special day. There are so many hotels in and around Paris where you can have your wedding and have the time of your life. There are professional planners who can organize everything for you. The countryside and those small, cozy streets are the perfect places to take your first picture with your soul mate as a married couple. Most of the couples who are getting married in Paris, use vintage themes on their special day. Driving the old French cars and wearing classic suits is absolutely astonishing. The prices are relatively low. From 3000 euros and above, you can have the big day of your dreams. And what’s best, you can even have your ceremony at the Eiffel Tower.

Riviera Maya, Mexico:
If you want to have an exotic wedding, then this is the place to do it. More than 2000 couples yearly, come here to tie the knot. So, if you want to have your celebration at this part of the world, then Riviera Maya is the best solution for you. There are hotels that besides accommodation, can provide a professional planner for you. You just need to choose the place where you want to get married. You can have your wedding at the hotel, at the beach or even at some of the old Mayan ruins. There is no specific theme, but most of the brides are wearing that long and classy wedding dress, and the grooms are dressed like mariachi. The prices for these types of celebrations in Riviera Maya vary between $800 and $3000 depending on your wish list.

Riviera Maya - Mexico

Angsana Velavaru, Maldives:
Angsana Velavaru is one of the most beautiful places in the world to have your big day. There are many hotels and restaurants build by the beach and on the beach. Here you can organize your special day. The most amazing thing about this place is the atmosphere. Everything around you is astonishing. And don’t worry about professional planners. You can hire one and they will organize everything for you in no time at all. There are restaurants, settled on the water that provides perfect service, and what’s most interesting you can have your ceremony under water. There is no specific theme used for the wedding at this place. You can choose whatever you want, from vintage to classic themes. Also, what’s more important, the prices are not very high, starting from $2000 and above.

Paradise Island, Bahamas:
You don’t need words to describe this place. All it’s said in the name. A true paradise on earth. Whoever wants to get married and remember that moment for the rest of his life, will visit this place. Hotels on Paradise Island offer wedding packages starting from $2000 to $11000. Most of the big day celebrations that take place on Paradise Island are organized on the beach, and there are no specific themes.

Paradise Island - Bahamas

If you want to have a perfect wedding ceremony, then you will choose one of these places. You want to remember that moment for the rest of your life, so choosing the right destination is very important. Even if that’s your special day, you will impress your guests also. So, have your big day at one of these places and enjoy in that moment for the rest of your life.