Fashion Rules For Skinny Souls

March 15, 2016

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

When Kate Moss makes a statement like that, you just can’t ignore it! For those of us who have been carved out as skinny, it’s always so difficult to find the perfect set of clothes to get our fashion statement right. But as they say, Real style is never right or wrong. It’s a matter of being yourself on purpose. And these fashion tips will help you avoid your daily struggles and create a style of your own.



We all have our shades of gray, but wearing bright and light colours not just makes our body looks vivacious, but sparkle our soul too. Do not hesitate and make space for those bright reds and yellows in your closet as they add volume to your frame.

One trick that you can use to your advantage is to wear outfits which part your body at the centre with two contrasting colours. Not only it will make you look wider, but keeps everyone guessing about your mood. Sounds fun right?


Fashion is about being yourself, but why stop there when it can help you be a lot more. Want to add curves to your body? Go for heavy prints with horizontal or diagonal lines to get a wider look. Strictly avoid the vertical ones. Fynn Skye collection by the designer Amber Farr absolutely nails it with her bold and beautiful prints and is sure to make heads turn.

Prints Dress


Those who say that skin is the best fabric someone can wear, surely hasn’t tried wearing denim, leather knits, tweed, corduroy, and the likes which can create an impression of curves and before you cover yourselves in heavy fabrics make sure they are flexible and soft.


Styling is all about highlighting your strengths and choosing the right accessories can help you accentuate your slender figure, elegant neck and lean legs.

  • Belts: Got that tiny waist? No need to worry at all! You can team up either a skinny or thick belt with a floaty dress or top to emphasize your waist. Belts help to add shape to your outfit and can also give a formal look.
  • Scarves: With a skinny frame, comes a thin, long neck which when covered with a scarf can add volume to your neckline and drive the attention away from your figure. Also if you have really thin arms, you can sport a little scarf knotted around the neck

Coach, Gap and Calvin Klein always make the cut and are the go-to brands when you are looking for something chic and appealing.


Go White

Want to get it right? Just wear White! Being lean has its own perks and one of them is the ability to carry the colour white with utmost grace. It enhances your physique and makes your shoulders look broad. So much easier than hitting the gym!

Get Layered

Add some layers to your look by sporting a cardigan or a blazer to enhance your physique and look fuller but ensure that each layer is slim-fitting. You can also add some glamour to your attire by wrapping a cravat around your neck which looks amazing on lean guys. John Elliott has the perfect collection of jackets, denims and sweaters and you can mix and match them to get the perfect layered combinations.

Button up

T-shirts look cool but nothing beats the elegance that comes with shirts. And for men with a skinny frame, Shirts always look better than Tees. This doesn’t mean that you end up wearing shirts to bed as well. But the next time you go out with that special someone, wear a bright neatly ironed Shirt and see the magic that happens.

Formal Shirt


Got any vertical stripes in your wardrobe? Pick them up and burn right now. Vertical stripes make you look even leaner than you are and that is a blunder that you don’t want to do. Go for horizontal ones as they add 5kgs to your body instantly. So next time you go shopping, get some Gucci striped polo shirts for your wardrobe!

Shoulder Pads

God bless the stylist who invented shoulder pads as it is the smartest way to instantly bulk up your shoulders and also define your shoulder bone and shape. But remember to use medium or light shoulder pads else it would make you look out of proportion.


Belts: Avoid using belts which are huge and bulky, rather go with the ones which are lean just like your frame. Oversized belts will make your waist look small and overshadow your personality.


The only thing that you need to keep in mind while choosing your pair of shoes is that they should not be pointed. They will just draw attention to your skinny legs.

So now that you have to transform your wardrobe, you need not spend a fortune. is the place to be if you want to make some savings. With a wide range of coupons, you will be tempted to go for a shopping spree right away!

It’s not who you are underneath, but what you “wear” that defines you. So to all the skinny souls out there, wear what you are and be what you wear!