Gifting Guide: Top Online Photo Collage Makers

March 17, 2017

‘A photograph can tell a thousand stories’ is a popular saying, with a true sentiment. Photos are a great way to share memories and appreciation – therefore, they make great gifts for different occasions as well. So gift your loved ones with the precision memories that you shared with photo collages. If you’re looking for that perfect photo gift and a good place to get it from, check out the below retailers and the inspirational gift ideas from each website.

Photo Canvas Land
Good photographs are often like artwork and they deserve the perfect spotlight in our homes. If you’ve taken a great photo, whether it’s a landscape or portrait photo, you should celebrate it in its full glory on a canvas. Photo Canvas Land is a great site to print out your photos on canvas and create decorative artwork of your shots. The site also has a great special gift section, where you can have your photos printed out on a selection of styles – even on a bamboo! The fine art coating will provide you with a quality finish and a funky gift. The artwork is a great gift for new couples or for someone moving house.


Photobook America
Photobook America has a ton of photo gift ideas and offers available for you explore. You can create anything from personalized photo books to calendars, guaranteeing you find something suitable for each occasion. The Photo Gifts section has a number of great products on offer. Our definite favorites include the photo coasters, which would make a great housewarming gift. We also love the phone cases that are funky option for teenagers and children for their birthday. Finally, the puzzles made from your selected photo are a great gift idea as a wedding gift or a gift for parents of a newborn.

If you are looking for something unusual and fun, how about a blanket made out of your pictures? The PhotoWeavers website is the perfect place for gifts that surprise and generate plenty of smiles. From the site, you can order things like blankets, pillows, tote bags, and wall hanging made with your chosen picture. You could turn a family photo into a blanket for grandma and grandpa, or give your scenic travel photos to your best friend in the form of decorative pillows. A pillow with a beautiful photo of the Eiffel Tower would surely be a stunning gift for anyone!

You might not always have the best photo ideas to use for your gifts, but if you know the gift’s recipient is into photos, we have a gift idea for you. You could visit online store and pick personalized photo frames the person can use to showcase their photos. You can find photography-specific frames or even beautiful frames for collages. The site allows you to pick from different materials and color options. If you do have a good photo, you can also use it on the site and print it out on canvas or have it framed together with your chosen frame.

Photo Cards Direct
If you are looking for something fun to gift in those small occasions, like when your friend lands a new job or you want to wish happy holidays to people, a personalized card can be a fun idea. While you can find plenty of websites that have personalized messages available, Photo Cards Direct also offers you the option to print the card with your photos! This creates a much more personal feel to the gift and card, helping you create the perfect celebratory message. The retailer regularly offers discounts, especially for new customers, so you could create fun gift cards and well wishes without spending a fortune.


Photo Stamps
Another quirky little gift idea is to pick your photo and have it turned into stamps! The Photo Stamps website is so easy to use and you can rest assured the stamps can actually be used, since they are authorized and approved by the US Postal Service. The gift idea would be perfect for a new entrepreneur. Grandparents might also find a personalized stamp set of their grandparents a lovely idea.

Pic The Gift
When it comes to selecting photo gifts, Pic The Gift is definitely a site that has it all. You just need to pick your photo and try finding your favorite product from the selection of many. If you want a few recommendations, we definitely love the Yoga Mat that would make the best gift for a young woman or the Mouse Pad for a computer savvy person. There are even a lot of auto accessories you can personalize with your photo – no longer do you need to wonder what to give to your husband for your anniversary or your dad for father’s day. Pic The Gift also has free shipping on all orders, ensuring you can shop as little or as much as you like.

Photos are such lovely things; helping us create long-lasting memories of events and people we love. If you want a personalized and touching gift, a photo gift is always a good choice. The above retailers offer plenty of options from blankets to books, guaranteeing you can have fun with your photos!