How To Become A Successful Fashion Stylist?

March 12, 2019

Paris, Milan London, New York and Australian fashion week are some of the places where every stylist aims to be. One certainly needs to be a cut apart if they wish to showcase themselves in these fashion meccas. So, what is it about being a fashion stylist that attracts so many people to the field? Is it the never-ending parties, styling up celebrities, getting to see the red carpet now and then or just designing uberly cool clothing? The answer is yes to all these questions. While it may seem like roses and petals in this profession the truth is just like any other profession, you have to put in the hard work to get the results.


Fashion stylists are usually part of a big creative team brought together by a client. They collaborate with many other professionals including makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists, etc. Moreover, they ought to be knowledgeable about the fashion industry including the latest fashion trends if they are to do their jobs properly and stand out in the crowd. If you are someone who wishes to be a part of this industry, you would require every help you can get, and like everyone else, you will need to start at the very bottom of the food chain. In this post, we will provide some pointers on becoming a successful fashion stylist.

1. Choose Your Course Carefully:
While you don’t require a specific education to become a fashion stylist, It indeed is an added advantage if you have a professional degree or certificate programs. Different examples of degree programs include fashion and retail marketing, fashion design, visual merchandising, etc. Your academic coursework will generally include learning about fashion styling techniques, designing clothes for different body shapes and types, discovering new trends, tailoring, garment construction, branding, etc.


There are some college and universities where you can avail these programs before leaping into making a career as a fashion stylist. Applying for these courses will help you develop your knowledge of styles and also help you build a professional network later on. Get different books on styling from and get up to $5 on every purchase.

2. It’s All About The Internship:
The road to becoming a fashion stylist starts and ends with recommendations. So it is essential for you to begin your journey via a course. You can get experience working with stylists, fashion magazines, PR companies, etc. As is the case with most internships, prospective stylists need to shine out in the crowd. Completing courses and participating in professional trade shows is one good way for prospective designers to showcase their potential and talent. This is also where a lot of the theoretical knowledge you gained from your degree or course is put to use in practical terms. Here you learn to work with fabrics, handling individual projects and also applying the computer-aided design. Doing an internship allows one to hone some valuable on job skills. Looking to make your website? Look no further than GoDaddy and get up to 30% off on hosting your site.

3. Staying On Top Of Trends:
This cannot be emphasized enough for prospective stylists. What’s news today is forgotten history tomorrow, and that’s why staying on top of the latest trends is an integral part of being a stylist. Pay attention to the trends happening on the runway and marketplace. This will mean keeping track of the different collections made by high-end stylists and taking a close look at celebrity figures and their attires. Creative ability and visualization are necessary for this profession to become successful. A good stylist ought to have the ability to visualize the outcome of their clothes even before they are tried on by the client. An excellent way to keep up with ongoing trends is to read fashion magazines, checking out the latest designer collections, keeping up to date with online blogs and social media accounts of trendsetters in the business.


4. Grow Your Professional Network:
Styling is more or less about creating professional relationships. This means knowing publicists, assistants, receptionists, and everyone related to your profession. Networking is a constant thing and takes time to build. One needs to learn the fine line between being professional and being laid back. Opportunities can land at your feet any moment, and excellent networking can be the difference between being just a stylist and being a successful stylist. This is also where your communication skills come to the test. A fashion stylist must be able to collaborate with other designers and complete projects. This means effectively communicating goals and ensuring a creative vision for a project is carried out in the right manner.

So, there we have some tips for prospective stylists to become successful in their craft and profession. The fashion industry is a continually growing industry where talent is recognized and paid its dues.