How, Why And When You Should Say No

September 11, 2017

Saying ‘No’ is a taboo for our social system or professional life. Yes and No are amongst the first few things that a child learns. The infants and toddlers are the ones that use both these expressions without thinking of the consequences, however, they are later taught to say YES more than NO! With the growing age, they are taught, preached, and compelled to say ‘Yes’ to everything and even to the things they don’t really agree with, which creates a friction between the youth and the social system. Slowly they mold themselves to this “SAY YES” ideology, but is it really what is required? Here are the situations where saying ‘No’ is much better than saying ‘Yes’ and they are not at all negative!


Say No To Undue Favor

Demand for an undue favor can be from anybody starting from your maid to boss! It can be financial, mental, or physical depending on the situation, but if you are not extending this favor willingly then just say NO!!! You may hurt the feelings of the person once and that may also put your relationship at stake, but it is worth it!

Say No If You Don’t Have Time

You want to accommodate everything in your day’s schedule, but remember that the day has only 24 hours and you can’t have more unless you are some superhuman! There are fixed slots, where few are filled with some inevitable biological needs while some other because of duties towards family, profession, and society. If the task allotted to you doesn’t fit in these slots then it is better to say no.


Say No To Injustice

Doing injustice to somebody is never admired, at the same time accepting injustice is also not a good sign. Raise your voice against injustice irrespective of the person being targeted. If you will hesitate to say no to the injustice then it would be difficult for you to justify it to yourself for the lifetime.

There are many other instances when saying no becomes quite inevitable, but still, people say yes just because they don’t know how to say no!

Say No To The Tasks That Are Ethically Wrong

Unethical job requests are raised on both personal and professional fronts. Whether it is your boss who wants you to go ethically wrong or it is your own family asking for something that is ethically wrong, it is better to say no.


How To Say No?

When you say no, you are putting your relationship in the danger zone. If the person really cares for you then this would not damage the relationship much, however, if it is about the professional relationship then be a little bit tactical while saying no as plain no may not work here or it may work out to be a disaster.

  • Plain No – You say no without any reason backing your no. It is not good for a personal and professional relationship.
  • Soft No – No with a valid reason. This is the soft no as you always have a valid reason to justify your denial.
  • Helping No – This is a no, where you say no but offer help by referring somebody else.
  • Procrastinated No – Here no is also procrastinated as you don’t reply and keep it for future.

The guilt of saying no will be difficult to handle, but the guilt of not doing it after committing is even higher. So just say no to the task if you are not in a position to accommodate it in your schedule or just don’t want to do it, as No is not always bad and sometimes it is better than YES!