Most Needed Mobile Apps For Easy Life

July 26, 2016

Our lives have been forever changed by the mobile app craze. Everything is a click or two away- from ride shares to our banking apps to the super popular Paypal. Even shopping is totally revolutionized by the evolution of mobile apps. The only downside is that it can be hard to keep up- so here is a list of the apps you need to check out right now.

Uber- Ride Share

Uber is the top ride share app with over 8 million users, according to It’s domination of the market has been a bit controversial, with some areas trying to block Uber’s entry into their city or town. Recently, taxi drivers even organized to block the Montreal airport in protest of Uber. Regardless of these problems, Uber also provides an income to 160,000 qualified drivers and offers rates that most riders find more affordable than taxi fares. Uber appears to be here to stay. Cop that app immediately.

Uber - Taxi

ThredUP- Shopping

ThredUP is the largest online consignment store. This app has totally changed the way thousands of people shop for clothing. The quality control is incredible and most of the items for sale are designer. DKNY, Anne Taylor Loft, and J. Crew are just a few of the names you’ll see on ThredUP’s labels. I have personally purchased many times from this app and I’ve always been very satisfied by the selection, fit and quality. Users can send in their own gently used clothing for consignment to make some extra cash.

ThredUp takes shopping on a budget into totally new territory. Feel the difference between cheap, trendy clothing and quality items of a higher caliber. You’ll be changed forever and your wardrobe will thank you.

Evernote- Organization

Evernote App

Unless you’re under a rock somewhere, you’ve probably already heard about Evernote. As of July 20, 2015, Evernote had a whopping 150 million users, according to Expanded Ramblings. This app makes getting organized a breeze. It works a little bit like Pinterest. You can snapshot and paste, copy and paste or insert photographs into a timeline format and organize your info into different sections on the app. If you need to, you can share the info with others and also search your timeline. It can be a great way to organize receipts for the dreaded tax time or even used as a project management app. One of the best things about Evernote is that it will sync across all of your devices, so your notes are always in your hands.

Instagram & Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the largest growing social media apps in existence. Instagram has 300 million active monthly users. Compare that to the numbers for the popular apps listed above and you’ll start to see how important this app is to most of the people in the world. It has graduated far beyond photos of breakfast and sunsets. It is being used by marketers as a lead generation tool and its growth is expected to continue as some tire of Facebook’s billboard-esque format. You can find shopping deals, hysterical memes and other internet based comedy, political posts and the ever popular pictures of breakfast.

Target - cartwheel

According to Edison Research, as reported by, Snapchat is the second most powerful social media platform in the US. It is better known that Pinterest or LinkedIn and its growth is so explosive, it grew as much in one year as Twitter did in four. Brands are beginning to explore what they can do to connect with users on the platform, and even older folks are finally getting hip to Snapchat.