PUBG Vs Fortnite: The Battle Of The Battle Royale Kingpins

September 18, 2018

The end of 2017 and the start of 2018 marked the introduction of the “Battle Royale” genre which was clearly taking over the gaming domain. The success of the genre has since then been widespread and now is at loggerheads between two of the biggest games, Fornite and PUBG. The battle is not about graphics, gameplay or the number of players indulging in these battle royale game. This has ultimately come to supreme dominance as to which game is better than the other.

Both Fornite and PUBG share a lot of similarities with each other. These are both online shooter games where one can go solo or play as a team in the battle royale format which can drop 100 players at any time within a map. A player or group here has to scavenge for resources which range from clothes, weapons, medical supplies etc in an effort to be the last man standing. In this post, we shall compare between the two of the biggest games of the decade and how they actually stand when pitted against each other:


1. Graphics:
Both PUBG and Fortnite have extensively different offerings in terms of graphics. PUBG happens to have more gritty graphics borderlines a military-like campaign and is very realistic. Fortnite, on the other hand, has a more outlandish and complete opposite environment compared to PUBG with a more cartoony and colorful vibe complete with a unique set of weapons as well as outfits. PUBG has been made by a small team of developers which explains why it isn’t as optimized as its counterpart. PUBG has been criticized in the past for its bad frame rates and endless stuttering, even on high-end platforms. This is an aspect which the developers seem to be improving on. Fortnite, on the other hand, has a more optimized structure and the minimum specs are lower than that of its counterpart.

2. Gameplay:
Both the games have a similar style of gameplay. Both the concepts involve dropping, shooting, looting and staying within the confined boundaries of the map provided to you. If you are a fan of realistic gun handling then PUBG definitely offers you that. The campaigns in itself are difficult and combat-oriented which means planning your every move tactically. Fortnite has an upbeat sense of gameplay. You aren’t confined to this tense environment and more or less enjoy the entire gaming endeavor. Players can come across a unique choice of weapons that are a lot more fun to engage in an entertaining way by all accounts. Looking for a new gaming laptop to play your favorite battle royale game? Logitech is offering special deals and offers along with free shipping.

3. Choice of Weapons:
This is where it gets really interesting between both these games. PUBG’s entire arsenal is military grade and features real-world weapons. There is an awesome collection of firearms, shotguns, assault rifles, grenades, and submachine guns to choose from. Handling guns in PUBG requires practice as each weapon has been made to realistically match the drop as well as the bullet spread. Gamers even have the option of changing fire modes here to adjusting the weapon’s field vision. Fortnite has a more cartoony feel in terms of its military arsenal. All the weapons that you see here more or less match that of traditional weapons, however, when it comes to matching realism, you are dealt with invisible recoils, bullet spreads and drops.


4. Game Modes:
When it comes to game modes, PUBG has several of them available and spread across official and custom domains which can be chosen by players. Gamers here can choose to go solo, go in twos, a squad of four or a one on four modes. There is a matchmaking mode as well which allows you to team up with strangers. Once you have figured out your mode of playing, you can then choose between a third person shooting mode or a first person. In comparison, Fortnite too has some basic modes in its official and custom games. This includes the solo mode, duos mode where you are teamed with another player and pitted against another duo and the squad mode. The point to note here is, when it comes to Fortnite, one can only play in the third person mode. There are temporary game modes coming up all the time every two weeks which includes 50V50, snipers only mode, Blitz mode or temporary modes. Get accessories for your smartphones and PCs on Tiger Direct offering varied discounts and coupons.

So there we have a basic comparison between two of the biggest battle royale games present to date. When it comes to choosing a clear winner, there is none as both these offerings are unique and come with their own set of kinks, choices, and gameplay.