Romantic And Inexpensive Gifts For Her

April 7, 2016

If you are shopping for one of the important women in your life, this guide could prove invaluable to you! We have gathered tips on picking the right gift, and a roster of the best stores to buy from while getting a great deal.

You want to show her how important she is to you on her birthday, your anniversary, a special holiday or any occasion at all where you want to say thank you. Keeping things personal while giving her something she will enjoy are the objectives. Birthday gifts for women can be especially challenging because it is her special day! If you want to splurge but you are on a budget, don’t fret. It’s totally possible to get your lady or your best friend, sister, mother or any woman in your life the perfect gift while saving yourself some cash. She never has to know.

Deciding What To Give
Before you start shopping you have to have a gift in mind. Taking a few things you already know about her into account will help you find a special gift that she will love.

Make It Personal
How would you describe her personality to someone who didn’t know her? Is she outgoing? Does she prefer quiet nights alone or with close friends to big gatherings? The answers will give some clues to what she might enjoy for a gift. What regular activities does she like to participate in?

You might enrol her in a membership from that relates to something she loves or likes to do. She’ll receive a regular shipment of something you know she’ll enjoy. There are many categories to choose from depending on her interests.

If you know the gift recipient is always putting others before herself a trip to the salon or spa could be the perfect token of your appreciation. It’s something she probably wouldn’t do for herself. Present her with a certificate or voucher for her appointment and shuttle her back and forth, if possible. Some great discounts can still be had by checking websites like Seize The Deal and Groupon to see what is available in your local area.

Gift For Her

Get Creative
You can think outside the box here, too. Your yoga loving girl might appreciate a charm bracelet with a yoga inspired charm. This gives you the ability to buy a new charm for the next occasion. Thinking ahead is ok! If this sounds intriguing to you, there are lots of jewelery gift ideas to look through on Fred Meyer’s website.

You can also pick something out for her home that reflects her passions. A lovely art print is a great option. Even a candle in her favorite scent is a warm, homey and thoughtful gift.

Shop Her Style
If you can identify the general fashion style or sensibilities of the receiver, you can pick out a gift to add to their wardrobe. Snooping around a little to find out what her favorite brands are can help. Once you are armed with that info or a few ideas, check out websites like The Trend Boutique for brand name fashion at a bargain price. They have an Under $100.00 category and some great personalized jewelry gifts available right now.

If she is a major fan of a certain designer, sites like and Carson’s can make finding her a new accessory with the right name on it super easy. They sort their items by designer and let you separate clothing from accessories. There’s a wide variety of handbags available at Bluefly, if that’s her thing.

Shop Her Style

Go Romantic
If you truly can’t decide what to gift for your wife or girlfriend, the traditional romantic standbys of flowers or chocolates are usually safe bets. They carry the ideals of love and value with them and unless you wife has told you seventy times that she thinks cut flowers are wasteful, it’s a good chance a florist delivery will make her smile!

There are many fine wines for sale online from stores like If you know she loves a certain vintage, pick her up a special bottle.

A luxurious gift basket full of gourmet chocolates is almost always a win! The Chocolate Gift Basket Classic is just one example of the wide variety of gift baskets you can buy at There is much more than just chocolate available.

Give From Your Heart
The most important part of gift giving is to give from your heart. The person getting your gift will feel your thoughtfulness and appreciate the time you took to pick out something you knew they’d love. They’ll also know you’re paying attention and that always feels great to receive.