Top 5 Fitness Tips for Working Professionals

June 12, 2019

In this busy working age, finding time for yourself can certainly be a challenge. Everything around us revolves around work, making it a priority. So much so that we forget that our minds and body are going through immense stress and exhaustion. It then becomes a leading cause of diseases in the future. But there is a solution to that. Being healthy doesn’t mean a strict diet and exercise regime. Adhering to simple, doable tips too can help your body stay fit. In this post, we will look at the top 5 fitness tips that can be followed by working professionals:

1. Breakfast always:
Breakfast happens to be the most important meal of the day and one you ought to never miss, no matter how late you are. However, doesn’t mean you stuff yourself on coffee or unhealthy junk or fried food. Establish regular eating habits for yourself with meals that include plenty of vegetables and whole fruits. Also, limit your intake of fats as well as sweet and take time to drink ample amount of water during the day. If you are someone who likes to binge then carry along some snacks with you, including fruits and nuts. It will prevent you from eating or buying any unhealthy food.


2. Get enough sleep:
Sleep is essential for your body to stay vital and productive. A lack of sleep is bound to throw your hormones off balance, which is a significant cause of weight gain amongst young people. The National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America poll that adults between the age of 18-54 were averaging only 6.4 hours per night on weekdays. It was relatively better on weekends with 7.7 hours. It is imperative that you get up to 7-8 hours of sleep daily. An excellent way to ensure that you doze early is to stay off any kinds of electronic devices like smartphones or TV at least three hours before your sleep. Also try and avoid taking any types of stimulants before sleeping like chocolate, coffee, tea, etc. Getting enough sleep will help prevent a cortisol build up in your body and also improve your muscles to recover.

3. Take a walk while at lunch:
If you are someone who gets fatigued and slumps at work post-lunch hours then consider taking a walk during lunch hour. A study in a Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports proved that taking lunchtime walks can help your ability to handle stress while at work. It will help you regain energy and focus while at work. Make this a routine going forward, and you are sure to see the results immediately. How about having quality health supplements for yourself while working out? Get up to 50% off on all health supplements at

4. Workout daily:
Working out can mean going to the gym or doing some basic exercises from the comfort of your home. Enroll yourself for a subscription to a nearby local gym that you can go to daily. Seeing others exercise and socializing with them can have a positive impact on your mind, which in turn would motivate you to work out better. If you still cannot make it to the gym, there are tons of exercises that you can do while at home. There are many online coaches as well as YouTube videos that show you how to exercise and effectively. Looking to set your small gym at home? Look no further than Bowflex handing out up to 50% off on major items.

5. Practice Yoga and meditation:
Yoga is an ancient healing practice that vitalizes the mind and the body. The literal meaning of the word Yoga means a connection or a union. Studies over the years have shown Yoga to be beneficial for a variety of conditions which include blood pressure, depression, insomnia, etc. Regular practicing of Yoga will also help you burn fat and keep your body toned. As of date, close to 9.5% of the American population practices Yoga and has slowly become popularized and a strong trend amongst people today.

Meditation is another way you can ensure a healthy, well-being. Just a few minutes of meditation can have immense benefits for your body. You can try meditating in the morning as well as evening for 5 to 10 minutes daily. It is something that can be included in your daily exercise regimen as well for effective results. Meditation helps manage stress, and some of its beneficial aspects include emotional upliftment, helps curing depression and anxiety and improved levels of concentration.

So, there we have the top 5 fitness tips for working professionals. Following these simple tips is bound to help your body get fit and fab, allowing for overall well-being.