Top 5 Traditional Autumn Cuisine To Relish This Season

September 13, 2019

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Food pangs are a thing that one ought to never ignore be it any season. Now that we are officially saying goodbye to the summers and welcoming the fall season, what better time than this to indulge in your cravings again. In the states, the fall season paves the way for the cold weather to set in. So why not celebrate this fall with colors and delicious food? In this post, we have prepared a list of some of the best traditional foods that everyone should enjoy this fall:

1. Hominy Grits:
Well, as unique as the name of this particular dish is, the same is its popularity in the South. Southern food has a standing of its own and by all accounts, as wondrous in taste as it is in colors. And of course, southerners don’t shy when it comes to preparing new dishes. So, if you have never tried this particular dish before, now would be the right time to do so. Hominy grits is a dish which in essence is corn milled into coarse powder which is then boiled with bacon grease and butter. This may sound a little rough to taste but is something very popular down south. There are many joints across America which serves Hominy Grits today. One famous joint where you can relish this dish the Blossom Restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina.
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2. Texas Barbecue:
If you wish ever to get your money’s worth having barbecues, then Texas barbecue is the way to go. Texans pride themselves on their grills, and almost every household shares a shared love for tenderizing rubs and smoked meats. Over the years, the Texan way of barbecuing has caught on in the mainstream. Every major city you got to now has Texans trying to bring their briskets and smokey meats for everyone to enjoy. If you are craving the best Texan barbecue out right now, head to the Dallas Farmers Market for some of the best pulled pork, briskets, ribs, and collard greens. If barbecue heaven were to ever real, it probably would emulate a classic Texan barbecue. Looking for food gift ideas for your loved ones this autumn? Head to Shoppers Choice and get a lot of ideas on food.

3. Pot roast:
If we have picked up anything from our old Sunday family dinners, it has to be the classic pot roast. This very well deserves a spot in the list as a current favorite and one of the top American comfort foods. A simple dish with equally simple ingredients to make them with. You need not even out head out to a resto to enjoy this comfort food of the Autumns and winters. All you need is some a cut of beef brisket set in a deep roast pan along with veggies and whatever in the blistering blue barnacles you choose to add into it. The simmering juice from the meat goes along with almost everything you wish to mix it with. There are a ton of variations online if you wish to make one this weekend. This year-round, purchase all your kitchen appliances at great discounts only on Magic Kitchen.

4. Fajitas:
A Tex-Mex cuisine for the Autumns is something that you really can’t refuse. Fajita essentially means a grill skirt steak, once a throwaway cut of meat enjoyed by the poor is now an American favorite. The prep is more or less simple when it comes to making Fajitas but still takes a master if you wish to make the perfect Fajitas. The Fajita came into existence in the state of Texas when a certain man named Sonny Falcon decided to operate a Fajita Taco stand at rodeos. His Fajitas were much loved and soon started making its way into menus across Texas. With time, condiments began being added into it like the likes of onions, peppers, gallos, shredded cheese and whatnot.

5. Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy:
Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy is to America as Fish ‘n’ Chips is to England. This is another Southern prep and a favorite amongst many today. The charm of the dish remains the biscuits that are usually made with buttermilk or butter lard. Addition to this comes in the form of meat drippings consisting of pork sausages along. Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy has its origins from earlier times and a way for sharecroppers and slaves to nourish themselves after a hard day toiling the fields. This became an essential part of their diets, and today, it is more than just a way to suffice hunger. Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy is the classic American comfort food.

So, there we have a small list of the top 5 traditional autumn cuisine to relish. Head out or make some for yourself at home, these traditional dishes are charm enough to be our regular dosage of recipes to enjoy.